We believe that every project needs a different type design to give something unique to the brand and make it stand out from the crowd. From the company logo to copy on the website, you need to make sure that users instantly recognize your business identity. And building custom type is like giving your brand its own handwriting.

Some of these type designs evolved into fully functional fonts, while others stand as beautiful word mark, serving as brand pillars.


Wim is a modernist type designed as
homage to the great Dutch type designer,
Wim Crouwel.

In Motion

Perfect design for all fans of
NASCAR out there.


Wim in use

In Motion character set overview

Moritz Eis

Moritz Eis typeface was inspired by
Vienna’s 1920 sign design and DADA’s
art/literary journals. This piece is
developed at client’s request
as one weight font.


Custom type design for Savina,
a family-owned winery
from Montenegro.

Moritz in use

La bicyclette

Geometric neo-grotesque type
designed for Velorope, a small bike
company from Vienna.



Geometric neo-grotesque type.
Some characters where taken
from the typeface “Access” by Playtype.

Law-abiding in use


Display typeface designed for
Belgrade Design Week 2008.


Custom-designed word mark for
Kabinet Brewery.

Zone in use