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Bespoke typeface - Berliner

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Beer Bar Berliner

Berliner is a downtown Belgrade Beer Bar inspired by Berlin’s DIY culture and architecture.

We were asked to create visual identity that would transfer the spirit of Berlin to Belgrade. We decided to base the entire identity on a play of red, white and black and two key elements - modern custom made Slab Serif and illustration inspired by work of American artist Jim Nutt.


We used German language as the main communication tool and applied it throughout the entire identity - from JFK’s 1963 speech from Berlin, that afterwards became bar’s credo, to menu folders, food papers, toilet signage etc. This way we have established consistency between various elements of communication while keeping minimal and clean art direction.

Interior design was done by very talented group of architects - AUTORI.

Photo by Relja Ivani?


We decided to base entire identity on a play of color and two key elements - modern custom made Slab Serif and illustration.

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